The Sofa King fabric guide

Velvet The super silky, on-trend option.  What’s it made of? Did you know velvet can be made from different types of fibre? We’ve opted for a durable polyester weave – it’s less prone to fading and marking vs natural fibres, but still boasts that oh-so-strokeable finish. It’s great because… Velvet is definitely an en vogue[…]

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Cheap sofas online!

The Sofa King has some of the very best cheap sofas online. We have been established 15 years and added thesofaking brand to other brands. With great prices and highly rated customer service, we are fast becoming a trusted online retailer. We also have a store based in Birmingham, offering cheap sofas and wide ranges[…]

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Best compact sofas on thesofaking

Looking for a small compact sofa, looking to add colour to a room, have a tight space to manoeuvre…. We have some of the best small compact sofas to choose from online, all our sofas come with feet off and detachable back making those delivery issues disappear. Why buy a compact Sofa The best small[…]

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Introducing Azure to our range

Some people might describe the color azure as sapphire in hue, but in fact, there’s another gem responsible for this word. At its root, azure comes to us from a French mistranslation of the Arabic word (al)-lazaward, which means “lapis lazuli” — the dazzling deep blue stone that’s very common in Afghanistan. Our new ranges are modern and stylish. In contemporary looks[…]

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Sofas on a budget

So you have a budget to spend, this is a look at some of our best sofas for under £300. Although this list comprises some of our cheapest sofas, they are more great value for money rather than just cheap sofas. As we import directly from factories and hold stock here in the UK we[…]

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Buying a sofa online

For some, the idea of buying a sofa without sitting on it first can seem like a leap of faith – but it needn’t be. In fact, with a little know-how and some savvy research, buying a sofa online can be simple and stress-free. Not only look at the sofas but also check out the[…]

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Cheap Sofas from Birmingham

We are based in the midlands near Birmingham. If you want cheap and affordable sofas from Birmingham, look no further! Great quality for the price. If you are local to Birmingham you will be able to get a 2-man delivery service within 48 hours of your order, with this service we are able to give[…]

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Oslo back in stock 7th April

Our most popular sofa on all platforms, eBay, Amazon and thesofaking are back in stopck 7th of April. This has been an amazing addition to the “thesofaking” range has proved highly popular with customers. This compact modern-looking sofa can be delivered into all small spaces, with boxed dimensions o 130 x70 x50cm, it will fit[…]

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How we dispatch Sofas

In terms of dispatching, our sofas fall into 2 categories… Parcel Freight – Our small compact ranges, including 2 Seaters and Chairs, can be dispatched via 3rd party courier. We currently use Tuffnells on a FREE NEXT-DAY SERVICE. All deliveries are free to UK Mainland. Pallet Freight – Anything over a certain weight or dimensions,[…]

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About Recliner Sofas

Sit back and put your feet up with a comfortable recliner sofa. Our stylish reclining sofas offer the best spot in the home to put your feet up and relax. With clean, tailored lines and deep seats, our recliners are crafted to deliver sinkable soft comfort and support. Compact options like armchair recliners and 2[…]

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