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Oslo sofas now in velvet

Our ever-popular Oslo will now be available in three velvet fabrics.

Stocks arrive on April 14th, 2022, and will be available for immediate dispatch. We have chosen mustard, navy blue, and graphite velvets as these are best-selling fabrics online. Bold statement colours will give room added wow factor. The soft-touch velvet adds to the feel of luxury whilst still being easy to clean and maintain.

Velvet is a good choice for a sofa, f looked after well, a velvet sofa in a quality fabric can go the distance and last years. Synthetic velvet, like high-quality polyester, is less likely to mark, crush or fade making it more durable and suitable for family living. Velvet is difficult to snag, as it has no loose threads or raised weaves

Why choose a velvet sofa

It’s Effortlessly Stylish

If you want to update the look and feel of your living area, a velvet sofa is the way to go. Velvet instantly gives a room a more luxe look due to the qualities of the fabric. The colour of a velvet sofa also has far more depth than flat cotton or linen fabric. This is because velvet has a nap (which is the direction in which the pile of fibres lies), that catches and reflects light across shapes and folds, making the colour look wonderfully rich and enticing.

Because velvet upholstery gently reflects light instead of absorbing it, this makes a velvet settee a great pairing against a dark wall or small corner of your room. Velvet also looks great alongside a mix of finishes, from sleek brass and matt black to shiny gloss and chrome.

It’s Wonderfully Comfortable 

As we mentioned, velvet is soft to the touch. If you’re still weighing up the pros and cons of a velvet couch, picture this: pair this soft texture with sumptuous sofa cushions and supportive arm and backrests, and you have yourself a seat that’s irresistibly comfy!

Overly slouchy sofas can create a messier look, that’s why our range of velvet sofas have a medium sit. This means the seat has a blend of foam and fibre, making the sofas comfortable and supportive while also being able to recover when the seat is vacated. This also helps to avoid excessive pooling over time.

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