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How we dispatch Sofas

We no longer have the drop-to-front-door next-day delivery serviceability that was available with Tuffnells. As the worst case scenario for our customers, we are saying that we can deliver within 5-6 working days from the purchase of the order. This can be delivered into your room of choice in the home provided with a 3-hour delivery slot window. We have our own vans & 2 courier options, we won’t dispatch until we have spoken to and confirmed with the customer.

We have our fleet of vans that can deliver your sofa if we are nearby soon. We still have a next working day delivery courier service, this is a pallet drop to the front door only. This would need customer confirmation and may be subject to extra charges. We are now trialing a new courier service that would usually give the customer delivery within 5 working days. This method would provide a 3-hour delivery slot on the day of delivery and the couriers would also take the parcel into any room in the home up to the 2nd floor of an apartment building.

Customer confirmation is always needed when booking out our deliveries so please leave a contact number or email address along with the purchase, please note email correspondence may delay delivery.

In terms of dispatching, our sofas fall into 2 categories…

  • Parcel Freight – Now our 3 Seaters, 2 Seaters and Chairs can be dispatched via 3rd party courier. This new service allows delivery to any designated room in the home (up to the 2nd floor of a building) with a 3-hour delivery slot provided. This may take a few more days compared to our previous next-day delivery service. We apologise for the inconvenience as we are no longer able to guarantee this.
    • Pallet Freight – Anything that may be needed quickly and is over a certain weight or dimension, all other available seating combinations, are dispatched via a pallet drop. Again all deliveries to UK Mainland with this service are a drop to the front door or curbside only, this is also available on a next-day service but please note customer confirmation is needed for this option and it may incur a small extra charge.

~ Stock arrives in from our factories through our shippers and is stored at our Warehouse in the Midlands.

We call you regarding your order. We will then discuss the best delivery service with you. Once we have your confirmation, we then book out with the courier. If it’s an area we have one of our own vans delivering to soon then we will let you know as we can call ahead on the day and provide all the assistance you need.

1. Compact Parcel Freight

We can still offer NEXT-WORKING-DAY DELIVERY. We would also need customer confirmation for this option. Our 3rd party parcel courier collects from us between 1-3pm every day. Once we have confirmed and loaded your order, you can expect delivery the very next day! Our courier delivers Mon-Fri 9-5 UK Mainland only. Due to the current situation, this is a drop to the front door only and unfortunately, we cannot offer a tracking service.

2. Pallet Freight

If your order consists of a sofa considered too big for our small parcel courier, or you have an order for 2 or 3 items in a set, then our next way of dispatching sofas to you would be via Pallet-Drop.

We use ICT Palletline for this delivery method. They collect from us weekly between 2pm-4pm, if you place your order with us before these times and we are able to confirm and speak to you, then you can get your sofa delivered as early as the very next day! Unfortunately, there is no tracking available but we can ask the courier drivers to call ahead on the day to give you plenty of warning. PLEASE NOTE THIS SERVICE MAY INCUR AN EXTRA CHARGE.

This service is a drop to front door or curbside only, however far the access goes. Again due to the current situation delivery drivers will not be entering properties, this makes for a minimal and contact free delivery.

Current Situation and Contact Free Delivery

We are still open and delivering!

UK Mainland only

Due to the change in our couriers, we can offer delivery into any room in the home up to the second floor of an apartment block. This can be a contact-free service. All of our Sofas and products are well packaged and well protected, they will arrive in a cardboard box. Still available on a free next-day service if needed, it might be one of our own vans or one of our courier partners.

Currently we cannot offer a tracking system with our dispatches but we can book delivery for any weekday of your choice!

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