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What is Scandinavian Design?

Scandinavian design is about so much more than furniture; from electronics to fashion, architecture to interior design, Nordic design, and especially elements of Scandinavian minimalism, have found their way into every aspect of our lives.

What is Scandinavian design?

Scandinavian design is characterized by a minimal, clean approach that seeks to combine functionality with beauty. Its focus is on simple lines and light spaces, devoid of clutter.

These principles extend to all areas of design, from architecture to electronics, but it’s most commonly used to describe the interior design, including furniture, textiles, ceramics, and lighting.

Typically, there is nothing superfluous about Scandinavian design; it strips back the unnecessary, showcasing the essential elements of any product.

The most-used Scandinavian colors are neutral and monochromatic – bright, warm whites with black and tan – with pops of color added used as accents. Plush pinks, gray blues, and colors rooted in nature – like sage – are the most popular in Scandinavian design.

Scandinavian sofas are becoming a popular choice for living rooms across the world. Scandinavian furniture design is characterized by its minimal design, neutral tones (grey, white, beige), and simplicity. Many people are drawn to Scandinavian sofas and furniture because they want to simplify their decor choices. A Scandinavian sofa is a great idea if you want flexibility in your furniture so you can play around with different decoration themes.

When looking at Scandinavian living rooms, some common themes appear. Our nordic friends often prefer a minimalist home design with lots of practical touches. They often design their homes around the hygge mentality, which loosely translates to comfort and coziness.

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