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Compact Sofa Buying Tips

The best compact sofas for small spaces

It’s common knowledge that the population is growing, and more and more of us are having to give up on the dream of a spacious first home, for the more realistic prospect of a one-bed or studio flat. Whether you’re a first-time buyer starting out in a small flat or you’re downsizing from a larger place, it’s time to embrace compact living with our range of sofas.

As a result of smaller property sizes and the rising need for space-saving furniture, we’ve developed a new range of compact sofas, specifically designed for when space is tight. The best sofas for small spaces have:

  • Smaller proportions
  • Shallower seat cushions
  • Slim frames
  • Slim, raised tapered legs
  • Smaller overall footprint
  • Easy delivery
  • Quick setup

What to Look for in a Sofa for a Small Space

Sofas designed for smaller spaces are still likely to be a big focal point in a room. Consider the style of your other furnishings as well as the colour and type of fabric. The retro Riva sofa in mustard will offer a bold and striking design in a compact and stylish finish.

Consider how your sofa will be used. If it’s being placed in a room that’s less busy, choosing it based on its style alone may be fine. On the other hand, if you’re looking for a sofa you’ll use constantly, comfort must be a key factor in your selection. Consider the amount of cushioning as well as the feel of the fabric, and make sure the size suits your body well. The softer filled back Amalfi in velvet provides a compact, softer sit.

Do you want a sofa that’s just a sofa or do you want one that also folds out into a bed? Would you rather have a corner sofa in segments or are you looking for an option that also has storage space? Make a wish list so you can find a model that’s comfortable, looks great and meets your needs. The Kuta corner sofa bed for example, could tick all the boxes for a compact sofa bed with storage.

Look at those legs! Actually, look through them. It’s one of the oldest tricks in the interior designer’s book. We love leggy sofas for small spaces because your eye can pass through the furniture, making the room appear more spacious. Sofas with shorter legs limit the illusion of spaciousness.

Your living room doesn’t have to be a game-of-the-sofa-vs- everyone. Harmony is achieved when all the players get along. Strive for balance by strategically mixing pieces that are tall and short, heavy and delicate, fabric-dominant and frame-dominant. What does this look like in practice? Let’s say you have a glass top table with an exposed silhouette. If you were to choose an equally dainty sofa, your eye would have a hard time determining what’s visually important.


As the largest piece of furniture in the room, the sofa often dictates how you move or don’t move through space. The challenge in small apartments is to position your sofa in a way that directs traffic logically, without cramped or obscure pathways. To avoid feeling like your sofa is an obstacle:

  • Keep your sofa contained. Unless you’re training for hurdles, your sofa shouldn’t extend beyond a wall.
  • Use your sofa as a centerpiece. As a focal point and your sitting area’s linchpin, your sofa should feel like the host of a party.
  • Highlight architectural features. Use your sofa to direct attention to details. For example, you could use the sofa to create a sightline to windows or aim the sofa towards a fireplace.
  • Shape and styling of the sofa will help with the flow of the room.

The Wave compact sofa in graphite velvet (also available in other colours).

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