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How good are PU Sofas?

When looking for leather products, most of us cannot detect the difference between genuine leathers and artificial leatherette. While some desire the authentic one, others don’t mind buying synthetic leather because it’s cheaper. One of the standard artificial leathers, even in upholsteries like sofas is PU leather. But the question here is, does it last long and how does it wear?

What is PU Leather?

PU or polyurethane is synthetic leather made from thermoplastic polymers used in various furniture. It is a made product and therefore has some environmental benefits The presence of polyurethane coating is pressed on top of the vinyl leather, which can resemble, new, old, or worn leather. There are a number of finishes that can be applied for the desired look.

Besides being less expensive, PU leather doesn’t absorb water, making it easier to clean and maintain. It also does not dry out, no matter how long it is used. Furthermore, its available in many colors and styles will suit every character and preference. Finally, it’s a sustainable material because it uses few resource components to produce it.

Benefits in PU Leather Sofa

PU leather products and sofas made from it are also easy to clean due to the coating of the PU. It also makes this upholstery more resistant to the presence of pets, and easy to wipe down. Moreover, PU leather sofas are more economical compared to other leather materials. It is in demand in many mid-range and high-end designs. It is the best option for those who look for appearance and texture-like leather without hurting the pockets.

How Long Does a PU Leather Sofa Last?

As mentioned, the reason why sofa owners mostly prefer PU leather is because of its affordability. Also, its robustness makes it very ideal for infrequently-used products like sofas and automobiles. Among these conveniences, still it is undeniable that genuine leather types have a longer lifespan than PU types. Despite being easily maintained, PU leather sofas can crack over time. However, this can be resolved by taking care of the sofa properly. It can be done by:

– Cleaning it regularly with a damp microfiber cloth

– Avoid putting unnecessary objects on it

-Try to avoid placing in direct sunlight

-Don’t place direct again heating sources

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