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Why buy a Sofa Bed?

We have great cheap options available for Sofa Beds. With Christmas around the corner they’re great to have in your home for the unexpected or last minute guest stays. All are available on a 24-48hr courier drop service with mattress included!

A sofa bed is often a practical addition to living spaces, offering a comfortable place for impromptu guests to sleep. Furthermore, it takes up less space than a guest room and offers more comfort than an inflatable bed.

white and black striped throw pillow on white and black striped sofa

Long gone are the days when having a sofa bed meant tolerating an uncomfortable sofa to sit in. Thanks to modern technology and a larger focus on comfort, the market is full of sofa beds worth the investment.

Whilst fold-down sofa beds are remarkably easy to use, more traditional mechanisms aren’t difficult to master. We’ve spent time to get our mechanisms simple and easy to use! Over the years, advancing technology has meant that modern sofa beds with metal frames are solid yet practical. In addition, uncomfortable foam padding has been replaced with memory foam mattresses.

beige puppy lying on brown textile

Sofa beds are also rolling with the times. Living spaces have become smaller, therefore our furniture requires more thought and innovation. There’s plenty of choices out there to meet your style and space requirements!

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