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Sofas on a budget

So you have a budget to spend, this is a look at some of our best sofas for under £300. Although this list comprises some of our cheapest sofas, they are more great value for money rather than just cheap sofas. As we import directly from factories and hold stock here in the UK we can offer at the most competitive prices. Whilst we offer a large range in the under £300 bracket or less, these cheaper priced sofas still have great frames, fabric, and foams.

1. Oslo 2str sofa in charcoal fabric. A 2 seater sofa is £229

The Oslo a design-led sofa with something cheerful and fun about it; the angled wooden legs are fresh and modern-looking; but while angular, it also has soft, inviting curves. This two-seater version is 131cm wide, and ideal for small space. Available in charcoal grey the Oslo exudes comfort in its simplicity.

2. Astrid 2str in Cranberry. Also, available in grey and charcoal fabric.

Add some colour or Scandinavian style to your room. Available in cranberry red or go for a subtle grey. This compact yet deep sitting sofa has proved really popular and at £289 and it might fit your budget. Looks great as an accent item or in a kitchen or den for compact modern seating.

3. Nero 2str in grey fabric

Strong and bold the Nero sofa range. This square armed sofa is made in extremely durable fabric, great in a family home or place where seating gets heavily used. Sprung seats and fiber-filled backs make this a hard-wearing sit. Finished with detail stitching the Nero provides a touch of class for under £300.

4. Adelaide 2str fabric with a contrast outer

This comfy pillowed arm sofa is compact neat and perfect for the home. The Adelaide sofa range uses a hard-wearing charcoal fabric that is easy to maintain with detailed stitching to give it styled finish.

The ranges we offer at can hopefully fit your budget with a 2str starting from £199 and 3strs starting at £299.

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