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Kuta Sofa Bed in Charcoal

Clever space-saving features!
Just as comfortable as normal sofas!
Just as good-looking as normal sofas!

We wanted to write about and introduce you to the Kuta Sofa Bed range. A compact and modern solution to a sofabed. A comfy sofa in the living room is good enough, but if you’re wanting an extra shot of coziness when you have a movie night on the cards, sofa beds can improve things tenfold. What about having the extra options for a last-minute stay over guest opportunity?

You can turn a modern living room into a place for friends and family to stay the night. It’s a nice feeling when putting a room together knowing that you have that option, hiding a comfy surprise under the cushions!

Sofa beds can come in all shapes and sizes to fit your needs.
Economical – Great investment if you’re on a budget!
Great for sleepovers or last-minute guests & easy to maintain!

With our corner sofa we can offer seating for up to 4 or 5 people when the bed mechanism is not in use. When the bed is out and is in use, it can fit 2 people. Small double which is just over a queen-sized mattress.

Corner sofas are always great options as they can wrap around or fit into a corner of a room, the perfect solution for practical corner spaces. We make sure all of our sofas and sofa beds are quick, easy to assemble and deliver. The Kuta Sofa Bed in Charcoal Grey comes in 2 parts. This feature makes it reversible and it also makes it easy to deliver into any room in the home as it can be taken in 2 separate parts. But one of the best features of our sofa bed sectionals? The chaise modules can pop open to reveal an additional storage compartment, perfect for tucking away your board games, extra blankets, or other living room essentials!

green plant beside brown leather couch

Functional pull-out Sofa Bed

Our Kuta Sofa Bed along with most other sofa beds is compact and practical. Make use of the great storage unit as well as being able to move it around freely. Perfect if you’re planning on decorating or wanting to freshen up a space. Our Kuta is multi-functional and easy on the eye.

black and brown leather padded tub sofa

Plain, easy on the eye…

Our collection

View our range of Sofa Beds here.

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