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Introducing Azure to our range

Some people might describe the color azure as sapphire in hue, but in fact, there’s another gem responsible for this word. At its root, azure comes to us from a French mistranslation of the Arabic word (al)-lazaward, which means “lapis lazuli” — the dazzling deep blue stone that’s very common in Afghanistan.

Our new ranges are modern and stylish. In contemporary looks that easily matches with any home furniture. High-density foam cushioned seat, extra-thick padding – comfortable and will not deform. Great for bedroom, living room, cafe shop, club bar, home office reception room.

Be bold with color, Azure allows for bold choices of color bright orange, yellow, or greens. This is the perfect color choice for those looking for those that are tired of grey pallets to introduce new color schemes to dull rooms. When looking at colour schemes online pallets can really help these are some of our favorites. Just search Azure colour pallets online to choose your new colour scheme.

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