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Flat-Packed Sofas

We have brand new stock in! Still trying to adhere to our ‘cheap sofas in Birmingham’ philosophy, we are excited to introduce the luxury Scottie range. This range should be able to be delivered into any room in the home! As the Scottie range comes flat-packed and the pieces can be taken in separately, the parts will be able to fit through narrow hallways, stairs and doorways. It can then be quickly and easily assembled in the room. Please see the attached video on this post, the video can also be found on our home page to help further explain how to put the great Scottie Sofa together. All items and instructions are included in the packaging.

5 benefits of flat pack furniture

  1. It usually comes in at lower prices than pre-assembled furniture
    The main advantage of ‘flat-pack sofas’ is how affordable it is compared to pre-assembled furniture. Any money saved when renovating a home makes all the difference.
  2. Easy to assemble & take down
    Less risk of damage when a sofa is easy to put together like our Scottie range. Save time and save on your money all at once!
  3. Room for personalisation
    Clean & simple in design gives the customer room and ample opportunity to personalise and design to match our sofas to the theme of your room. No matter how subtle or big.
  4. Compact
    We give our customers the best chance to get our big 3 seater sofas into any room in the home. The Scottie is just over 200cm in width and we are very confident we can get them delivered into any room in your home. A perfect, stylish solution! But please let us know if you have any questions or concerns about delivery before purchase.
  5. Environmental
    All of our materials are environmentally friendly and can be used again.

Our sofas are easy to put together, please see the below video.

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