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Cheap sofas online!

The Sofa King has some of the very best cheap sofas online. We have been established 15 years and added thesofaking brand to other brands. With great prices and highly rated customer service, we are fast becoming a trusted online retailer. We also have a store based in Birmingham, offering cheap sofas and wide ranges of home furnishings.

Read the reviews

Whilst some of our new sofas might not have ratings yet, many of the existing range does. Reading through reviews can be a really helpful step in your research. Look out for people who have uploaded images of their new purchase in their home. Your fellow sofa-seekers will give you completely honest and unfiltered insight into how the sofa looks and feels.

What an amazing company

Within two hours I had chosen a suite and a bed and they were delivered and in my home all while following safe covid guidelines. I also enquired about tables and chairs and bedside tables, sadly they hadn’t got what I wanted in stock but when the team came to deliver they had sourced both items for me and he’s sending some photos over for me to look at. I cannot fault Kings, what company delivers within two hours of you picking your items? The lads were polite and helpful. Couldn’t have asked for more. Would give 10 stars if I could. Useful Share

Why buy online

With online shopping increasing, customers do not need to travel long distances to make a purchase. This saves time, energy, and money as ecommerce allows people to visit the same store virtually, with just a few clicks. Thesofaking site offers all customers a look into our business showcasing products, ethos, and a commitment to customers. We strive to the best we can be and try to provide each customer with a valued online experience.

Chat with us

You can always contact us, give us a call, send us an email or chat via WhatsApp. If you need a callback and want to arrange a time to chat about fabrics, sizes, or just how quickly you can get a sofa just send us a message.

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