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Best compact sofas on thesofaking

Looking for a small compact sofa, looking to add colour to a room, have a tight space to manoeuvre….

We have some of the best small compact sofas to choose from online, all our sofas come with feet off and detachable back making those delivery issues disappear.

Why buy a compact Sofa

The best small sofas for small homes

As a result of smaller property sizes and the rising need for space-saving furniture, we’ve developed a new range of compact sofas, specifically designed for when space is tight. The best sofas for small spaces have:

  • Smaller proportions
  • Shallower seat cushions
  • Slim frames
  • Slim, raised tapered legs
  • Smaller overall footprint

Our Oslo, Riva, Amalfi are just some of our sofas that are shallower and more compact than most sofas, but they still deliver maximum comfort. These mid-century designs have petite proportions and slightly shallower seat cushions, which are ideal for smaller apartments and narrower spaces like hallways, studies, and home offices. They’re still just as comfortable as our larger styles but take up a much smaller footprint, leaving you more space to move around and for activities!


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  1. […] If you’re short on space, compact or modular styles work really well. Some (like this pale pink lovely) come packed in just a couple of slimline boxes ready to be assembled (ideal if you’re going to be moving around rentals). View best compact/small sofas here […]

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