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We buy direct from Mills to use in the manufacturing of sofas. Superb high-quality velvet upholstery fabric, we only buy great quality fabric that has been tried and tested. Our fabric is available to buy fresh straight off the roll! We sell our fabric individually by the meter on eBay, please feel free to view them here >>. It is a soft and light velvet fabric in 14 different shades, quality and robust.

Ideal for reupholstering projects, curtains, blinds, cushions, camper vans, caravans and furniture.

We also use this fabric to bring to you a whole brand new range of sofas coming soon.

Our velvet fabric’s composition is 100% Polyester. It is machine washable at 30 degrees, it can also be cool ironed or dry cleaned. Weight of 360gsm and scored over 45,000 on the Martindale rub test. 50,000 rubs are considered the final result of the test, with our fabric slight pilling started to show at the 45,000 marks.

Testing scores

ISO-12945-2:2000 Martindale Method with 415g loading mass, 200 cycles:

Resistance to pilling: 5

Colour fastness: 5

Grade 5: no change
Grade 4: slight surface fuzzing
Grade 3: moderate surface pilling. Pills of varying size and density partially covering the surface
Grade 2: distinct surface piling. Pills of various size and density covering a large proportion of the surface
Grade 1: severe pilling covering the whole of the fabric surface

Resistance to pilling

5No pilling
4Slight pilling
3Moderate pilling
2Severe pilling
1Very severe pilling

Pilling is the formation of fuzzy balls of fiber on the surface of a fabric that remains attached to the fabric.

Most upholstery fabrics pill to varying degrees. For contract applications fabric should meet grade 4 minimum, our adorn upholstery fabrics have a pilling rating of 5.

Colour fastness to rubbing

Colour fastness is the transfer of colour from the surface of a coloured fabric onto another surface by rubbing or repeated contact.

5No colour transfer
1high degree of colour transfer

Colour fastness is important in upholstery fabrics. You need long-lasting looks where the colour never seems to fade and a material that doesn’t stain other items when coming into contact or being washed with them.

No colour transfer is the ideal world, but in real life, this isn’t possible. For most companies and contract applications, velvet textiles should meet a grade 3 when dry and a grade 2 when wet.